Levenshulme Bee Network Through Routes

A trial will start in July 2020 of some of the Levenshulme Bee Network changes to our roads. 29 locations will have changes with roads being blocked to vehicle traffic. But which roads will not be affected?

Residents have made their own maps to help people see which routes will not have road blocks to vehicles on them starting in July (referred to as “modal filters”). These roads are likely to have significantly increased traffic.

The reason these have been done is the Levenshulme Bee Network maps do not show which roads traffic in the area will be redirected onto and can be used as “through routes”. They have been done by residents to help everyone understand the impact of the project and so people can plan how to change the routes they take from July.

Roads that traffic will be diverted onto:

  • Albert Road
  • Barlow Road
  • Broom Lane 
  • Cromwell Grove 
  • Crossley Road
  • Grangethorpe Drive 
  • Hemmons Road
  • Kingsway 
  • Matthews Lane 
  • Moseley Road
  • Mount Road
  • Slade Lane (north of Albert Road)

See below for the maps. Further information on the July changes can be found HERE

Pedestrians and cyclists can still pass through the “modal filters” but not motorised vehicles. All roads will still be accessible although this will mean diversions for traffic and limited access routes.

The official Levenshulme Bee Network maps do show the roads that will form part of the Bee Network for cyclists (in yellow on the LBN maps).

Although the maps below use the Levenshulme Bee Network maps as their base they are not official documents of the Levenshulme Bee Network project. These maps have been done in good faith to help residents and businesses understand the impact of the the Levenshulme Bee Network changes in July.

Greenbank Park Area Through Routes

LBN Through Routes Greenbank Park Area

Chapel Street Park Area Through Routes

LBN Through Routes Chapel Street Park Area

Cringle Park Area Through Routes

LBN Through Routes Cringle Park Area

West Point Gardens Area Through Routes

LBN Through Routes West Point Gardens Area

Further information is available on the Levenshulme Bee Network website HERE

The Levenshulme Bee Network Active Neighbourhood Vision Map and Park Area maps are available HERE

One thought on “Levenshulme Bee Network Through Routes

  1. There has been a massive increase in traffic in the Levenshulme area over the last 5 years. The air is now so polluted that 20 monitoring stations set up last year all showed illegal levels of pollutants, with some reading twice the legal limit. Quite simply people are driving too much – causing a degradation in their own health as well as in others. Something HAS to be done about this number 1 public health hazard – doing nothing is simply not an option. The Bee Network might not be perfect (in my opinion MORE roads should be being shut!) but at least it’s a start, and the team behind it should be roundly applauded. Don’t forget, when you get in your car and switch on the engine, you are, quite simply, damaging the health of everyone through the pollution you’re creating.

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