Levenshulme Facilities

Facilities lists related to the major redevelopment of sports, leisure and library provision that will take place in Levenshulme over the next two years are provided here. There are three documents, all provided as Microsoft Word document downloads:

  1. Levenshulme Facilities CURRENT v01
  2. Levenshulme Facilities PROPOSED v01
  3. Levenshulme Facilities COMBINED v01

At this point the preferred option proposed by Manchester City Council (pdf download HERE) is to relocate the Arcadia Sports Hall to a different site and dedicate the site on Stockport Road to new library, swimming pools, gym and health and fitness facilities.

Discussions are continuing with the community and with Arcadia users to establish whether it would be possible to retain the Arcadia sports hall on its current site and integrate it into the new development on Stockport Road or whether it should be re-located to an alternative site. If a single site solution is not possible the option being explored is for the facilities provided in the Arcadia Sports Hall to be relocated to the sports hall currently used by Gorton Boxing Club on Mount Road. The council is also in discussion with the boxing club to explore possible relocation to new facilities under development at Belle Vue. Cedar Mount School is also being consulted as it operates the sports hall.

If it is decided that relocation of the Arcadia Sports Hall is the best solution for residents in light of the space and budget restrictions then consideration would need to be given to the costs of adapting any alternative facility to meet the needs of existing Arcadia users as such funding would come from the overall funding envelope. £6.5m has been allocated by the council for the entire redevelopment project. Even if a single site solution is possible there would likely be refurbishment and integration costs for the Arcadia facility. Further detailed consideration would need to be given to either of these options and the impact that each would have on the other facilities regarding funding available and what compromises might need to be made.

It has been generally accepted that some elements listed in the ‘combined’ list above (e.g. squash courts) may not be feasible or effective to include in the development but they are included here for completeness as two squash courts already exist as part of the Arcadia facility. Other new ideas such as the sensory room may prove too costly or space-hungry to provide on the proposed site and within the budget limitations.

The lists do, hopefully, provide a summary of where we are now, where we could be heading and what ideas need to be taken into account to meet the needs of our community. The facilities to be developed are all under discussion and development at the moment so these lists should not be taken as a commitment on the part of the council or a final indication of what facilities will be provided.

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