Active Neighbourhood Project

This page will include information and updates on the Active Neighbourhood Project for our area.

The project was launched in 2018 with a bid made to the (Greater Manchester) Mayor’s Challenge Fund (MCF) via Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) in January 2019. The project was originally branded as the Levenshulme Bee Network. The project actually affects a large part of Burnage as well as Levenshulme and includes various parts of Levenshulme, Burnage, Rusholme and Longsight Wards.

Following the release of “Vision Maps” in May 2020 and proposals for a trial of a “filtered neighbourhood” that consisted of 32 road blocks referred to as “modal filters” (letting pedestrians and bicycles through but not cars or other larger motorised vehicles) there was considerable concern expressed across our community. As a result the project was paused by Manchester City Council with a review being undertaken including changes to the proposals, the project management and the Project Team.

We are currently awaiting further announcements from the council regarding the future shape of the project, a likely trial and details of the consultation process. The council has stated its commitment to the success of the project. Councillors have also restated their commitment to the community led nature of the project.

See the final consultation information and plans HERE