Levenshulme Neighbourbood Planning Forum Meeting

The next meeting of Levenshulme Neighbourhood Planning Forum will take place on Thursday 16th July 2015, 19.00 at the Inspire Centre on Stockport Road.

The meeting will consider and agree the area defined for the Forum, constituting the Forum as a group and electing the first committee members to help take the idea further and make the Forum a reality.

Exciting steps to move forward and formally establish a Forum so that the people of Levenshulme can have a direct influence over what happens in our area.

Everyone is welcome.


Levenshulme Youth Project AGM

The Levenshulme Youth Project AGM will take place at 18.00 on Thursday 25th June 2015 at the Inspire Centre on Stockport Road.

Drop in to find out more about their summer programme and if you are interested in volunteering.

New Levenshulme Based Charity To Help Homeless People And Their Pets

People with Pets in Poverty is a new charity to help homeless people and their pets.

Colin Alcock will launch People With Pets In Poverty later this month and aims to roll out a variety of schemes over the next five years. Colyn’s main aim is to help rough sleepers and the ‘hidden homeless’ which includes sofa surfers and people in overcrowded accommodation, hostels and night shelters.

Under the Home and Dry programme, PPP will provide safe accommodation for homeless people and their pets by paying the first month’s rent and deposit while providing a guarantee to landlords against damage caused by pets. In exchange service users must follow a recovery programme which could include counselling and a detox scheme.

Colyn has many ambitious plans for the charity, including pet food banks, an online homeless forum and even a charity single. By 2020 he hopes to have set up a community home for marginalised people with pets. He said: 

To a homeless person a pet is a guardian protector, a best friend and someone who will never judge them and always be pleased to be with them.

“I know what it’s like to sit on a street corner and beg. It’s soul destroying and isolating.”

“The next wave of homelessness is coming and it’s going to get worse. We’re looking at an all encompassing remedy.”

The first PPP meeting will be at Fred’s Ale House, Levenshulme, on Wednesday June 24, from 7.30pm. All are welcome.

For details or to volunteer call Colyn on: 07985 442 505
or email: peoplewithpetsinpoverty@outlook.com

Read the full MEN article HERE

Photo courtesy of Manchester Evening News

Levenshulme Neighbourhood Planning Forum Meeting 10th June

Following the recent information evening the Levenshulme Neighbourhood Planning Forum group are holding a meeting to talk about how to progress the Levenshulme Neighbourhood Planning Forum and look at how Northernden Neighbourhood Forum have established and run their Neighboruhood Forum.

Graham Pheby from Northernden Neighbourhood Forum will be attending to talk to us about their experience in setting up and running a Neighbourhood Forum.

Everyone is welcome.


Wednesday 10th June from 18.30-19.45

Levenshulme Library Meeting Room.

Levenshulme Library News & Public Meeting

An article from the Manchester Evening News on the future of Levenshulme Library and the work of the Stakeholders Group set up to explore options is available HERE

It is a little unfortunate the article advertises the fundraiser on Friday 29th in an article published on Saturday 30th but any coverage is very welcome.

Note also that there are a couple of factual errors in the article:

1 The new baths and library facility is scheduled to open in Spring 2016, not Autumn 2015.

2 Levenshulme High School never took over the building. The school simply rented the space to use for part of the week. Local campaigning was essential to ensure the library stayed open as a library until the new facilities open.

A public meeting is also scheduled for Tuesday 16th June, 19.00-21.00 at Levenshulme Inspire on Stockport Road. Further information and discussion is also available on a Facebook group at:


Photo courtesy of Manchester Evening News

New Neighbourhood Planning Forum Event

A new Neighbourhood Planning Forum is being proposed for Levenshulme. This is a community group that develops a Neighbourhood Plan for our area that would identify our priorities and key concerns regarding planning and development in our area.

It is hoped that as many people as possible get involved in the Levenshulme Neighbourhood Forum. To help achieve this aim an Information Evening will be held as follows:

19.00 on Thursday 21st May 2015
(The event will last no more than two hours)

The Inspire Centre, 747 Stockport Road, Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3AR

Anyone who lives or works in Levenshulme is welcome to come along. There will be experts from Locality who will make a short presentation outlining the process but the bulk of the evening will be for people to ask questions and find out what this is about and how Levenshulme can benefit.


An information leaflet and feedback form (see below) is being distributed that provides initial information and asks for your views. If you haven’t received one yet they are available at Inspire on Stockport Road and Levenshulme Library on Cromwell Grove.

You can download a PDF version of the leaflet HERE

Further information

More information is available on a new website (new and under development) HERE



Levenshulme Library Building Fundraiser

Levy Library Building Information Update

There will be a fundraiser to raise money and interest in the campaign to have Levenshulme Library converted into a community centre once the library service moves out next year.

Friday 29th May at the Klondyke club.
Klondyke Club, Burnage range, Levenshulme (off Albert Road)
£5 entry… all proceeds to the campaign

There will also be a planning meeting to prepare on Wednesday 20th May at 7pm, also at the Klondyke…

Please come along, meet nice people who care about our community, have a good time and show your support.

Keep up to date on facebook:

Share the fundraising event with your friends and spread the word:


Friends of Highfield Park Meeting

The Friends of Highfield Country Park will be meeting at 19.00 on Tuesday 12th May at the Baptist Church on Elmsworth Avenue.

Anyone who uses the park is welcome. 

2015 Elections: Paul Magrs at the Hustings 

The marvellous Paul Magrs did a painting of the Levenshulme hustings organised by the LCA at the Klondyke. Have fun seeing who you can identify in the crowd.


Elections 2015: Hustings start tomorrow

The hustings for the 2015 elections start tomorrow. Everyone is welcome.

Hustings for the local and national elections in May 2015 are planned as follows:

Levenshulme Local Election
Tuesday 21st April, 19.30 at the Klondyke, 1 Burnage Range

Organised by Levenshulme Community Association

Gorton South Local Election
Thursday 23rd April
19.30 at St. Peter’s Church, Stockport Road

Organised by Levenshulme Community Association

Manchester Gorton Parliamentary Election
Wednesday 29th April
19.30 at the Jain Centre, Stockport Road

Organised by Levenshulme Interfaith Group

Candidates are listed HERE

LCA Election Results and 2015-16 Priorities

The LCA AGM this afternoon included elections with the following results:


  • Peter Naughton (Chair)
  • Jeremy Hoad (Secretary)
  • Malcolm Cowen (Treasurer)

Core Group Members

  • Matthew Ball
  • Karen Broady
  • Lawrence Hennigan
  • Mark Lake
  • John Roby Brown

Sir Gerald Kaufman MP (LCA Honorary President) was generous in his praise of Levenshulme’s diversity, initiative and identity as a fantastic place to live and work. He was particularly impressed with the strength of the LCA and the many other community groups across Levenshulme. He stressed the importance of having active and engaged residents that form the basis of a cohesive and mutually supportive community.

The meeting identified key areas for the work of the LCA over the coming year including:

  • finding a future for the Levenshulme Library building;
  • increasing community engagement;
  • ensuring active community involvement in the development of the new Arcadia Leisure Centre;
  • sharing information both online and through distributed means to reach as many people as possible;
  • building on the larger LCA membership of the past year;
  • providing more events such as the very successful LCA Community Forum meetings;
  • providing information on community funding opportunities and sources;
  • enabling and supporting greater involvement in the LCA from currently less represented groups in line with LCA key aims of inclusiveness;
  • exploring how to improve access at Levenshulme Station;
  • strengthening, developing and promoting Levenshulme as a great place to live, work and play.

LCA Officers and the Core Group will develop these ideas into firm proposals and practical priorities for 2015-16.

We are grateful to the support and hard work of the many groups that we collaborate with in Levenshulme and look forward to another positive and productive year for the benefit of all Levenshulme residents.

Levenshulme Community Association AGM 14th March 2015

The Annual General Meeting of the Levenshulme Community Association will take place at 14.15 on Saturday 14th March at Levenshulme Library on Cromwell Grove.

The AGM will receive annual reports and hold elections to the posts of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and the ordinary positions on the LCA Core Group.

There will also be time for discussion of regular business.

Further information will follow.

LCA Community Forum – Tuesday 17/2 @ the Klondyke

The next LCA Community Forum will be held at the Klondyke next Tuesday 17th February. Doors open at 7:15. Meeting starts at 7:30.

We expect to be joined by Gary Bridges who is the Site Manager for Laing O’Rourke at the new baths and library site on Stockport Road. He will be ready to answer everybody’s questions – so please come prepared.

There will also be time for people to raise concerns of their own about things in Levenshulme.

The LCA Community Forum is a new initiative introduced by the LCA last year. These are open public meetings for everyone in Levenshulme – residents, businesses, landlords, community groups or anyone else – to find out what is going on and raise questions about our area.

LCA Meeting Saturday 13th September 14.15

The next General Meeting of the Levenshulme Community Association will take place on Saturday 13 September at Levenshulme Library starting at 14:15.

Levenshulme Community Forum Public Meeting

The Levenshulme Community Forum public meeting will take place on Friday 25th July, 19.00 at the Klondyke Club (1 Burnage Range, Levenshulme).

The meeting is about the future of our current library after the library moves to the new Arcadia building in 2015.

Other issues can be raised as well. The focus is on ideas for the library as a community facility but this is an open public meeting for all residents of Levenshulme so bring your ideas and issues along.

Levenshulme Labour Councillors Release Statement On Ward Coordination Changes

Levenshulme Labour Councillors have today released the following statement on the changes to Ward Coordination Meetings:

Ward Co-ordination Meetings in Levenshulme

The current ward co-ordination meetings, which are held quarterly during working hours and are attended by the Levenshulme councillors and council officers, will now be closed to resident groups.

In order for there to be more accessibility and interaction between all groups and associations within the Levenshulme ward, it is proposed to hold a Levenshulme Neighbourhood Networking Forum in January, May and September of each year. Each association or group, or residents within Levenshulme, will be welcome to attend this.

This forum will be chaired by a Levenshulme councillor. Council officers and an Executive Member of the Council will also be invited to attend each forum.

This Forum will be held on Saturday mornings, and the first one will be held in September 2014.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please feel free to contact Nasrin, Dzidra or Aftab to discuss.”

No contact details were provided with the post but you can find these on the LCA website HERE

Levenshulme Councillors Ban Residents And Community Groups From Ward Coordination Meetings

For the past few years there has been a quarterly meeting called ‘The Ward Coordination meeting’ where Council officers, ward Councillors, residents’ representatives and other Levenshulme organisations such as the Traders’ Association have come together to discuss matters of common concern.

These meetings have been the only regular opportunity for the LCA to put Levenshulme residents’ point of view before relevant Council officers.

At the end of the most recent meeting in June, the Councillors announced that future meetings would be ‘closed’ – meaning that it would just be officers and Councillors. Residents and all other organisations will now be excluded.

This announcement came out of the blue – there was no prior consultation and no sensible explanation as to why they have made this decision! It was just a very autocratic “We’ve decided. That’s it!”

Given that none of our current Councillors actually live in Levenshulme, the LCA is most concerned that residents have lost a very valuable voice and that there is no satisfactory alternative being proposed.

As an alternative, Councillors say they will be organising forums twice a year at which residents will be able to raise issues concerning Levenshulme which they will then take to the Ward Coordination meetings.

We’d very much like to hear what people living in Levenshulme think of this development.

Peter Naughton

LCA Chair

New Library and Baths Exhibition

The new Levenshulme Library and Baths development on Stockport Road is now ready for public exhibition.

Plans for the proposed centre design will be on display in the cafe at Levenshulme Inspire from Saturday 14th June to Thursday 26th June, where there will be a chance for you to comment on the proposals.  Members of the project team will also be there for you to discuss the plans, on:

  • Tuesday 17 June, 16.00-20.00
  • Friday 20 June, 13.00-16.00
  • Monday 23 June, 09.00-13.00

There is a dedicated page on Manchester City Council’s website HERE.

Plans for the new development will be available HERE from 14th June.

This is an exciting stage in the development and close attention has been paid to ensuring that the new facilities meet all of the requirements and specifications worked out through lengthy and detailed consultation with Levenshulme residents over the past year or more. The new facilities will include:

  • two pools (one that can be accessed and used in private)
  • a 60 station gym
  • a multipurpose fitness / community room
  • 12 person sauna
  • 12 person steam room
  • a staffed library
  • reception area with seating, pool viewing, public computers and wifi

Manchester City Council will be investing over £8,000,000 in these new facilities that will dramatically improve services in Levenshulme and serve a wide area of south Manchester.

Relocation of users of the Arcadia roller skate rink will happen in tandem with development of the new facilities. A £250,000 investment is being made separately by the Council to enhance, extend and improve facilities for Arcadia users at Ardwick.

This commitment to public services in Levenshulme by Manchester City Council at a time of austerity and struggle for many people is hugely welcome. This is also a result of the massive local campaign to save Levenshulme’s existing Baths and Library from closure which was a huge success for the people of Levenshulme. The creativity, dynamism, imagination, persistence and dedication of Levenshulme residents and careful collaboration with local councillors and the council is really showing dividends now.

Levenshulme Community Association will continue to consult with residents and work with the council to ensure the best possible outcome for the people of Levenshulme.

A press release from Manchester City Council is expected tomorrow (Friday 7th June 2014) and will be added here when available.

Levenshulme Election Hustings Thursday 8th May

Levenshulme Community Association is pleased to announce an election hustings meeting on Thursday 8th May at 19.30 at St Peter’s Church, Stockport Road, Levenshulme.

This is an open public meeting and everyone is welcome.

Manchester Community Spirit AGM 2014

You are cordially invited to come and celebrate with us at our 1st annual general meeting, held at Levenshulme Inspire, there will be live performances from young people, an opportunity for networking, refreshments available and lots of fun. Please RSVP in order for us to confirm numbers.
Nicola Witter
Director, Manchester Community Spirit
View the MCS website HERE
Tel: 0161-850-3111
Office address
Manchester Community Spirit
The Inspire Centre 
747 Stockport Road
M19 3AR 
Registered charity : 1149938
Registered Company : 08126414
MCS AGM 2014

A New Future for the LCA

The Levenshulme Community Association now has a new constitution and completely new structure fit for our work and our community.

The LCA is now an organisation with groups as members and a clear focus for the future. I’m pleased Peter Naughton, Malcolm Cowen and myself managed to achieve this change with the support of the AGM on Saturday.

In the past year we have reached out with a new website and social media and radically reformed the Association.

The success of our plan to bring more people into being actively involved in the LCA and refocus the Association as a network to share ideas, experience and knowledge across all groups in Levenshulme as well as continuing to represent all Levenshulme residents is very pleasing.

This places the LCA in a much stronger, more outward looking and effective position than it has been in for many years.

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Peter and Malcolm alongside Beth Marshall, Stuart Fear, Lawrence Hennigan and Aiden Lawler on the new Core Group (managing committee) this year.

The election results were as follows:


  • Chair – Peter Naughton
  • Treasurer – Malcolm Cowen
  • Secretary – Beth Marshall

Core Group

  • LCA Officers
  • Stuart Fear
  • Lawrence Hennigan
  • Jeremy Hoad
  • Aiden Lawler

Download the new LCA Constitution as a PDF document here: LCA constitution 2014

Jeremy Hoad
LCA Secretary 2013-14




Levenshulme Community Association Annual General Meeting

The AGM of the LCA will be held on Saturday 8th March 2014 at 10.15 in Levenshulme Library.

Any items for the agenda should be submitted by Saturday 1st March. You can submit items using the form below to Jeremy Hoad, LCA Secretary.

Levenshulme Litter Action

Following a vibrant discussion online about the level of litter in Levenshulme a meeting has been arranged to discuss how people can work together to try and improve our environment and make Levenshulme look more lovely.

The meeting will be held at Inspire at 19.00 on Friday 31st January 2014.

Everyone is welcome.

You can report litter, dog fouling and graffiti to the council HERE

Levenshulme Market – public forum on changes

Levenshulme Market is changing!

Residents of Levenshulme will know that in 2014 there will be some big changes at the market, but do you know why?

We want local people to help us shape the impact we have on our high street and this Saturday we are holding a forum for you to find out more, share your ideas and ask those burning questions.

Saturday 25th January, 6pm-8pm at the Klondyke (1 Burnage Range, Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 2HQ).

More information on Levenshulme Market is available on the completely redesigned website HERE.

Levenshulme Community Association Meeting

The next LCA meeting will take place as follows:

Saturday 7th December


Levenshulme Library

We hope people from as many groups as possible across Levenshulme will come along to raise and discuss any issues and share information.

If you have an item for the agenda please notify Jeremy Hoad, LCA Secretary (you can use the contact form on this site). Any agenda items must be received by 17.00 on Thursday 5th December.

Love Levenshulme, Hate Cuts Public Meeting

‘Why we are marching against the Tories’

A public meeting organised by the Love Levenshulme, Hate Cuts group. This meeting is linked to the march and rally planned for 29th September during the Conservative Party Conference.


Anti-Bedroom Tax Campaigner
NHS Nurse
Fire Officer


Thursday September 19th, 19.00


Klondyke Club, 1 Burnage Range, Off Albert Rd, M19 2HQ

LLHC meeting 190913

LCA Meeting Saturday 21st September 2013

There will be a meeting of the Levenshulme Community Association as follows:

DATE:    Saturday 21st September 2013

TIME:     10.30-12.30

PLACE:  Levenshulme Libary, Cromwell Grove, M19 3QE

NOTE: The meeting is earlier than usual because of the current opening hours of the library.

Send us your news!

Do you have news about something going on in Levenshulme?

Are you organising an event?

Do you run or support a community organisation?

Please send us your news, information, event or details of your organisation and we’d love to add you to the Levenshulme Community Association website or publicise what you are doing.

Get in touch and share what you know about Levenshulme!

Contact the LCA HERE


Jeremy Hoad (LCA Secretary)

Incredible Edible Levenshulme Planting Day

A message from Incredible Edible Levenshulme

Our first planting event is on Sunday 29th September, starting at 11.30am outside Antiques Village on Stockport Road. Please invite everyone you know who might like to come along. We will be planting herbs supplied by Bud Garden Centre in the planters outside Antiques Village and Trove. These herbs will be available for everyone to harvest next year, our first step in creating free locally grown food for Levenshulme!

Afterwards there will be food available on the community plot at Tonbridge Road allotments from 12.30, including delicious vegetarian Arepas from Arepa!Arepa!Arepa!, veggie chilli made from allotment veg, and vegan cakes. All available for a small charge. There will also be the opportunity to buy your own peat-free herbs and various seeds from Bud to grow your own at home.

Everyone welcome! 

Here are some of the local organisations, businesses and groups who’ve shown an interest and want to be involved in Incredible Edible Levenshulme: exciting ‘thymes’ ahead!

Bud Garden Centre
Carrill and Worsley Grove Residents Association
Delamere Neighbourhood Group
Dough Devils
Levenshulme Community Allotment Project
Levenshulme Community Association
Levenshulme Inspire
Manchester Environmental Education Network

incredible edible planting day 290913


Incredible Edible Levenshulme

A new Incredible Edible Levenshulme group has been set up and will be meeting at 14.30 on Wednesday 14th August in Trove on Stockport Road (opposite the Antiques Village).

The group is inspired by the Incredible Edible network. Pam Warhurst from the Incredible Edible Network will be giving a talk as part of the Dig the City Festival:

Talk: Pam Warhurst (Incredible Edible): Believe in the power of small actions

16.00, Sunday 4th August, Festival Hub, Exchange Square, Manchester

Pam Warhurst’s TED Talk is available as a video HERE

Incredible Edible Levenshulme

Baths, Library and Arcadia redevelopment community meeting

The next community meeting to discuss the multi-million pound redevelopment of facilities in Levenshulme will take place on Friday 26th July at 19.00 in Inspire on Stockport Road.

This meeting will be preceded by a ‘planning challenge’ meeting (15.00-17.00 at Inspire) where users of the Arcadia Sports Hall will present their plans on how all facilities can be fitted onto the Stockport Road site.

The council’s proposal is to build a new combined facility containing two swimming pools, a gym, a multipurpose fitness and community room and a full library on the Stockport Road site. The council maintains that it is not possible to retain the old Arcadia building and fit the new facilities on the same site and has proposed that users of the Arcadia are relocated to the Mount Road Sports Hall currently used by the Gorton Boxing Club and the Grange School. The boxing club would be relocated to the new Belle Vue development and the building would be adapted based on the needs of existing Arcadia users using funding from the £6.5m allocated to the new Levenshulme facilities.

The meeting on the 26th July is an opportunity for Arcadia users to challenge the council’s proposals and present plans / proposals that they have developed.


Community Meeting 28.06.13

Back to our usual meetings:
Friday 28th June, 19.00 @ Levenshulme Inspire

Come along and discuss the Baths, Library, development of the new facilities and Arcadia. And raise anything else you want to about what’s happening in Levenshulme.

A week off from campaigning

The next campaign meeting about the Baths, Library, Arcadia etc. will happen on Friday 28th June, 19.00 at Inspire on Stockport Road

We’re taking a week off to have some well deserved fun at the launch of the Levenshulme Food and Drink Festival on Friday 21st.

Levenshulme Library public meeting & announcement

There will be a public meeting at 19.00 on Monday 10th June at Inspire on Stockport Road regarding Levenshulme Library.

The meeting will be attended by Neil MacInnes, Head of Libraries, Information and Archives, who will make an announcement about the future of our library jointly with councillors and community members who have worked hard to find a solution to prevent the closure of our library.

LCA meeting 8th June 2013

The next LCA meeting will take place:

DATE: Saturday 8th June 2013

TIME: 14.00-16.00

VENUE: Levenshulme Library


LCA Annual General Meeting

You are invited to attend the AGM of the Community Association at Levenshulme Library at 2.00 pm on Saturday 23rd March. Nominations are sought, with seconders, for the roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Public Meeting with Jim Battle, Deputy Leader, Manchester City Council

There will be a public meeting on Monday 18th March 2013 @ 19.00 at Inspire with Councillor Jim Battle (Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council) to discuss the future of Levenshulme Baths & Leisure Centre.

Following on from the Protest events

Monday 11 February – 7:00 pm  –  Campaign Planning Meeting at Inspire

Tuesday 12 February – 5:00 pm onwards  –  Crowcroft Park Primary School
– Consultation drop-in session organised by the Council with Councillors
and senior officers to hear residents’ opinions and explain the
proposals in detail –

Wednesday 13 February – 10:00  –  Manchester City Council Executive
meeting at the Town Hall.  This meeting is open to members of the
public as observers.  By applying in advance and getting agreement,
members of the public may be invited to speak to specific items on the
Agenda.  Two members of the Levenshulme campaign have submitted a
request and it is expected that they will be called to speak at the
appropriate time.

Deputy Council Leader Jim Battle meets with Levenshulme campaigners

LCA facilitated a public meeting with Cllr Jim Battle who said he was impressed by the energetic actions of the campaign group who have been protesting about the proposed closures of both the Baths and the Library.

Councillor Battle confirmed that £6.5 million has been set aside from capital receipts of the Council for a new-build Joint Service centre which is due to be built by 2015 at a location somewhere in Levenshulme. He could not confirm where this is to be as the land was still under negotiation. He was asked to shepherd the negotiations for keeping open our vital and only public buildings until the new facilities are ready to use.

Two teams of campaigners have made recommendations about possible sources of funding which COULD be used to keep them open, but the use of Public Health money for the Baths and wider considerations about the whole city’s Libraries will be discussed in a series of Council meetings leading up to an Executive Committee meeting on 13th April, where final decisions about how to deal with the latest round of cuts will be made.

The Campaign group raised the serious impact on the area if either or both these public facilities are closed before the new one is opened.

We committed to keep up creative efforts to convince the Council to respect these needs of Levenshulme people.

Levenshulme Community Association General Meeting 08/12/12

Record of Meeting 8th Dec 2012

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