A New Future for the LCA

The Levenshulme Community Association now has a new constitution and completely new structure fit for our work and our community.

The LCA is now an organisation with groups as members and a clear focus for the future. I’m pleased Peter Naughton, Malcolm Cowen and myself managed to achieve this change with the support of the AGM on Saturday.

In the past year we have reached out with a new website and social media and radically reformed the Association.

The success of our plan to bring more people into being actively involved in the LCA and refocus the Association as a network to share ideas, experience and knowledge across all groups in Levenshulme as well as continuing to represent all Levenshulme residents is very pleasing.

This places the LCA in a much stronger, more outward looking and effective position than it has been in for many years.

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Peter and Malcolm alongside Beth Marshall, Stuart Fear, Lawrence Hennigan and Aiden Lawler on the new Core Group (managing committee) this year.

The election results were as follows:


  • Chair – Peter Naughton
  • Treasurer – Malcolm Cowen
  • Secretary – Beth Marshall

Core Group

  • LCA Officers
  • Stuart Fear
  • Lawrence Hennigan
  • Jeremy Hoad
  • Aiden Lawler

Download the new LCA Constitution as a PDF document here: LCA constitution 2014

Jeremy Hoad
LCA Secretary 2013-14




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