Action on Dangerous Planters

Large wooden planters were installed on 14 roads across Levenshulme on Monday 4 January as part of the council’s Active Neighbourhood scheme for Levenshulme and Burnage.

Currently the planters pose a significant danger as there are no signs on them and no reflective hazard strips. They are particularly dangerous when it gets dark as well as when people come across them unexpectedly on the roads. No road signs are in place to warn of changes to the road layout either. Unfortunately some planters have also been moved and modifications have been made to block pavements to prevent vehicles driving around the planters.

LCA Secretary Jeremy Hoad has been in touch with councillors to highlight these problems and the LCA can confirm that:

  • Warning signs will be added to the planters starting on Wednesday 5 January to be completed by Friday 7 January at the latest;
  • Street signs will be installed to notify road users of the change to road layout and restricted access;
  • Additional measures will be put in place to make the planters more secure, possibly by adding brackets and bolting them to the ground or linking them together.
  • New bollards will be installed on pavements either side of the planters to prevent vehicles driving around the planters.

This is very welcome news and will make the planters more effective and safe during this six month trial.

How to give feedback

A formal consultation is now active. If you wish to comment you can use the project website HERE.

You can also email the Project Team: (please note that this email address is currently not working but the council is aware of this and looking into it)

If you wish to lodge an objection (quoting reference L/GS/EVD2001/1887) you can email the council here:

or write to the council:

Fiona Ledden, City Solicitor PO Box 532, Town Hall, Manchester, M60 2LA

2 thoughts on “Action on Dangerous Planters

  1. Hi Jeremy, I met you today on Elmsworth Avenue in Levenshulme. I was asking for a poster from a very nice lady. I have worked as the prescription delivery driver for Roberts pharmacy for the last 10 years. I am also Levenshulme born and bred. I have worked every single day throughout the whole of lockdown, and as you can imagine, the demand for this FREE service has been unprecedented. I love my job, and take a pride in delivering a personal service, and I know that I am the only point of human contact for too many of my elderly customers. Since the planters were inflicted upon the community, I am driving roughly 45 minutes EXTRA per day, which is almost 5 hours more on the road per week. Added to which, everybody is driving angrier and more aggressively, and this is only going to get worse once lockdown is finally over.
    The planters are increasing car emissions, and forcing drivers to use the funnel diversion system. This increases traffic volume in hotspots all over Levenshulme, and the likelihood of accidents and driving offences is dangerously high. There is definitely a need for traffic controls in the area, but the planters are £345,000 of wasted taxpayers money, and are adding to the problems they are supposed to be fixing. The council and their cronies are obviously making money from this, and they seem to be pandering to a minority viewpoint.. The justification for this chaos is to lower emissions, and make levenshulme greener, which isn’t working,and also to allow children to play out in the streets. Kids haven’t played outside since the 80’s, and they are not going to start now!!
    Good luck with the campaign.
    Judith McKay

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