Levenshulme Wants A McVities Drive-Thru

Levenshulme often smells of warm biscuits thanks to the McVities factory on Stockport Road. That satisfies most people’s biscuity cravings. But it wasn’t enough for Josie Stripe who wrote to McVities proposing a drive-thru.

After presenting a strong case Ms Stripe concludes by saying:

“A McVities drive-thru would fill both the market and my stomach, and I would dearly love to see it succeed.”

The whole of Levenshulme, if not Manchester, is behind you, Josie.


3 thoughts on “Levenshulme Wants A McVities Drive-Thru

  1. I’m with its the punisment for me while commin from my nightshift and sniffing the biscuits i can’t have. I’d love to eat some warm lovely breakfast to start my day :-*

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