Your Phone Line Is Changing

BT are changing all landlines to a new digital system. This is being rolled out nationally by 2025 but is currently happening in Levenshulme now.

What does this mean?

All landlines will be switched to a digital system with your phone connection provided via the internet / a broadband connection. Your phone will not work without a broadband connection. Any existing phone sockets you have will go dead after you have been switched over to the new system and you must connect your phone via your broadband router / equipment.

If you have any alarm systems, or personal care alert equipment you must check that these will be compatible with the new digital system.

The new system means that if there is a power cut your landline will not work. In a power cut you will not be able to use your landline phone to call emergency services or anyone else. BT was providing battery packs that would provide a couple of hours phone service but these have a limited supply at the moment. Check with BT about availability.

Will my existing phone still work?

Possibly. Recent phones should still work on the new digital system but older phones are not compatible. When you are switched to the new system you are entitled to a new digital compatible phone for free from BT. If you want more than one phone you will have to buy additional handsets. You can get a new free handset from BT and then check whether your existing phones will still work before buying new phones.

Further information is available from BT HERE.

A very good summary is also available HERE