Levenshulme Neighbourhood Forum Meeting

NOTE: The meeting venue has been changed from the library to Levenshulme Inspire on Stockport Road.

The next meeting of the Levenshulme Neighbourhood Forum will take place on Wednesday 25th February from 18.00-19.45 at Levenshulme Inspire on Stockport Road.

All the best wishes and hope to see you on Wednesday,

Maria van Elk


1.0 Area Designation
1.1 Do a knock on doors questionnaire?
1.2 The questionnaire and the information sheet
2.0 Constitution
2.1 Objective for constitution
2.2 Constitution development
2.3 Any other information needed for constitution
3.0 Publicity
3.1 Leaflet to the designated area
3.2 Which mediums to use for publicity?
4.0 Financial and milestone 1 support finishes end of March
5.0 Any other business
6.0 Next meeting

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