Levenshulme Graphic Designer helps illustrate New Book

“Lancashire Folk Tales” is a new book published by the History Press in June 2014.

These lively and entertaining folk tales from one of Britain’s most diverse counties are vividly retold by writer, storyteller and poet Jennie Bailey and storyteller, writer, psychotherapist and shamanic guide David England. Take a fantasy journey around Lancashire, the Phantom Voice at Southport, the Leprechauns of Liverpool and the famous hanging of Pendle Witches at Lancaster, to the infamous Miss Whiplash at Clitheroe. Enjoy a rich feast of local tales, a vibrant and unique mythology, where pesky boggarts, devouring dragons, villainous knights, venomous beasts and even the Devil himself stalk the land.

Included in the book is the tale of the Levenshulme Boggart. A long, long time ago there was a helpful supernatural being – a boggart – who assisted Old Farmer Dannel in his Levenshulme field. Unfortunately, boggarts are testy creatures, and after Old Dannel thanked the beast for its help it turned upon him!

The book is beautifully illustrated by Levenshulme-based graphic designer Jo Lowes and Manchester-based Transylvanian artist Adelina Pintea who bring to life the landscape of the county’s narrow valleys, medieval forests and treacherous sands.

For more information, and for some cheeky tales that didn’t manage to sneak into the book, check out the website: www.lancsfolktales.org.uk

Thanks to Levenshulmelife.com for this text.

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