Fallowfield Loop Orchard Wassail

Dear All,

We are wassailing the Levenshulme community fruit orchard again in 2014, and we are pleased to invite you and your partners, children and friends to attend.

The Wassail will be held from 4pm on Sunday 5th January. The event will involve, in no particular order (yet):

Small bonfire
Wassail song(s)
Poem by the Wassail Queen
Procession round the orchard to decorate the trees with ribbons and cider soaked toast, and drive away evil spirits with noise.
Consumption of mulled cider (adults) and apple juice (children) and food delicacies.
Fireworks (in lieu of the traditional shotgun!)

FotFL will provide mulled cider and apple juice, toast and ribbons for tree decoration (and possibly roasted chestnuts).

However, please feel free to bring your own drinks, and cakes etc for sharing. You are also welcome to bring something noisy – pans and spoons are traditional. Head or hand held torches are also recommended.


Friends of the Fallowfield Loop

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