Imaginary Boys from Levenshulme

‘Imaginary Boys’ is a new play by Paul Magrs. Paul is a writer who lives in Levenshulme and has a string of acclaimed novels, plays, and short story collections to his name.

“Seventeen-year-old David Taylor begins to see the world in a different light after meeting Lawrence, who claims to be from Verbatim 6, a small planet about 300 light years away. The duo have a burgeoning teenage relationship with all of the confusion that goes along with it. Starring James Baxter and Geoffrey Breton.

Imaginary Boys, Thursday, 3rd October, 2.15pm on Radio 4

If you fancy combining a love of Radio 4 with a love of Levenshulme why not have a listen?

'Imaginary Boys' radio 4 play by Paul Magrs

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