New Covid19 Vaccination Centre At The Jain Centre and Volunteer Opportunities

The Jain Centre (667/669 Stockport Road, Manchester, M12 4QE, beside Crowcroft Park) is scheduled to open as a covid19 vaccination centre on Saturday 16 January 2021.

If you are eligible for a vaccination at this point you will be contacted by your GP and will be invited to attend one of 7 sites across the city to receive the vaccine – most likely the one closest to where you live.

Information on how to volunteer as a covid19 marshall at the new covid19 vaccination centres is provided below.

Volunteering: Manchester’s Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

Manchester Community Central (Macc) and Volunteer Centre Manchester are supporting Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (MHCC) with its recruitment to support Manchester’s Covid-19 vaccination programme at community-based sites across the city.

How to get involved

At present, the majority of vaccination sites urgently need *Volunteer Marshals to safely direct patients on site when they; arrive, receive their vaccination and exit, along with supporting car park traffic and handing out PPE and information.

To express your interest in supporting at the vaccine sites, choose from the locations below and follow the instructions to register. Your details will be passed on to the team in charge, and they will contact you if they require your help.

If you can travel to help out in more than one of the areas that is listed below, choose ‘I can help anywhere’. 

If you require any further information about this role, please contact the MHCC Engagement Team by telephone on 0161 213 1756 or email

Further information on who is eligible to volunteer and other volunteering opportunities is available on the Macc website HERE.

8 thoughts on “New Covid19 Vaccination Centre At The Jain Centre and Volunteer Opportunities

  1. My father had his first vaccine over 12 weeks ago and still not been recalled for his second vaccine why is this? I had mine at the Ethiad and was given my second vaccine appointment on the same day as receiving my first vaccine,

  2. Hello, I got my second vaccine dose here on the 10th of July 21. I have now had my booster aswell, however when I look to see my vaccination status it is only documented as having my first one and my booster. The second dose has not been recorded even though I have got it. I am travelling overseas in 2 weeks. Please can you let me know fastest way to sort this out. Thank you

    • The LCA only provides vaccine information to promote and help our community. We have nothing to do with the vaccinations. You would be best contacting your local GP for further advice.

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