Goodbye To Levenshulme Baths

Levenshulme Baths closed today (18th February 2016) for the last time. I asked if I could take some photographs to document the building that has meant so much to generations of Levenshulme residents. Pete Caveney, Duty Manager, kindly let me have the run of the place on its last day.

Levenshulme Public Baths and Washhouse has been serving Levenshulme for decades, for some time now as a leisure centre with a sauna, steam room and gym in addition to the two swimming pools but without the Washhouse. These photographs mark the building’s last day serving the people of Levenshulme before the new Arcadia Library and Leisure Centre opens on Saturday 20th February 2016 at midday. Goodbye to the old, hello to the new.

Jeremy Hoad
Secretary, Levenshulme Community Association
(All photographs copyright  Jeremy Hoad)


19 thoughts on “Goodbye To Levenshulme Baths

  1. Those photos are fantastic thank you. It really is the end of an era.l learned to swim there 64 years ago & Mum used the wash house every week. good bye.

  2. Brilliant pics thanks for doing them will miss the old place spent many hours in my six weeks hols and been 3 times a week for last 4 years or so

  3. Whot fun it was to work there.we all pulled together when I was there.the customers could feel that and keeped comin back for more.carole.

  4. Spent countless hours in there from 1960-68. Trecking in-line from Crowcroft Park School with Mr Watson, with our trunks rolled in a towel, plus 3-4 times a week during the summer holidays. For some reason the ‘little baths’ seemed warmer. Passed my 25yd length in the small baths which meant a length, then turn for a breadth.

  5. Didn’t the Bath hose have a place where you could do your washing like a launderette? I lived nearby when I was student in the mid-1970s

  6. Hello, I’m interested in visiting this property for a potentially fantastic project that would bring this back to life. Do you have any ideas if there are plans for it already or who is currently managing the place? Thanks in advance! 😀

    • That sounds interesting. The property is owned by Manchester City Council. You could try contacting local councillors first who can point you in the right direction to explore possibilities. You can find contact information for councillors under the “Elected Representatives” menu tab at the top of the page. The building is in Levenshulme Ward so they are the relevant councillors.

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