Nelly Globe Charity

nelly globe

Nelly Globe is a national charity based in Levenshulme. The charity was founded in 2010 by Levenshulme’s own Darren Nicoll.

Following a serious illness, Darren realised that coming to terms with the trauma he and his family had been through was, in many ways, as difficult as the illness itself. During this time he kept creative journal which helped him adapt to life after cancer.

From this experience Nelly Globe was born.

The charity funds creative projects for people affected by trauma. Much of the money is raised through Nelly Globe’s now famous art auctions. The very first Art Auction in 2011 was held at POD deli. It was a massive success. Since then there has been an annual Manchester Auction, held at The Klondyke Club. Further auctions have taken place in Birmingham, Leeds and London. Funds raised have enabled Nelly Globe to devise and fund Journal projects with Callplus (a cancer charity), The Teenage Cancer Trust, The Stroke Association and have worked with YASP here in Levenshulme. Further projects are in discussion with The Alzeimers Society and Styal Prison.

This year’s Manchester Auction is being held at Odd Bar in Manchester on November 25th but Nelly Globe will never forget that Levy is where it all started. There will be some very exciting local events coming soon.

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