Be a film star in Levenshulme

Casting for a short film will take place at INSPIRE on Saturday 29th June, 09.00-13.00 and 16.00-21.00.
Wanted actors actresses and film crew.
Colombo Film
The shoot will take place from Sunday the 14th of July until the 28th July for two full weeks and everyone must be available for the full two weeks with some night shoots.
Finbarr Mccarthy -Newsagent late 60’s
Fr.Peter-catholic priest 60’s
Rory Heggarty- small supermarket manager 50’s
Micheal(Micky)Malone-butcher 50’s
Tim Furrow-Independent clothing shop owner 40’s
PC Leonard Lloyd-new police constable middle 20’s
Mandy Furrow -6th form student 16
Amina Begum-Mandy’s friend at college 17 (older actresses who look this age rather than are this age maybe preferred)
Sonia Furrow-Tim Furrow’s wife 40s
An experienced camera person of any age who will operate the camera for the shoot
An experienced sound person who will operate sound for the shoot
An experienced lighting person who will be in charge of lighting for the shoot
The above crew could be students who are currently working on film courses.
IF you feel you’d like to come along for an audition just turn up on the day at Inspire and try your luck.
You will be expected to perform a modern piece, preferably comedy, of about 2-3 mins length, no longer please.
Unfortunately there is no money for the film and so actors and crew who live locally would be more suited.
The film will be submitted to local TV companies and film festivals so who knows where the whole experience might lead.
We will also need general help and some extras so why not come along to the casting and pop your name down if you would be interested in offering some time to the shoot.

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