Development Proposal Threatens £6.5m Levenshulme Facilities

You may wish to consider commenting on or objecting to this application as it could compromise the presence, impact, accessibility and wider benefits to Levenshulme of the new £6.5m pools, gym, library and community facilities that will be built on the area immediately behind this site.

We need to maximise the benefits and presence of our marvellous new facilities for the benefit of all Levenshulme residents and visitors.

The applicants who submitted the previous application for a supermarket on the site of the Church Inn (874 Stockport Road) which was not approved, have now submitted a new application which will be considered by Manchester Council’s Planning Committee this Thursday 15 August 2013.

The meeting will be held in Manchester Town Hall starting at 14.00.

The new application is for the construction of 4 shops units with storage space on the 1st floor.

The Planning Department considers that this application meets the Council’s planning requirements and are recommending that the application be approved. The meeting is open to members of the public to attend and it is usual for the Chair to call someone to speak for and against each application.

Full details of the application can be found at the Council’s website through the Public Access Planning System. Enter the reference number in the search box to access the application. The application reference number is:


If you register with the Planning System you can leave a comment on the application.


2 thoughts on “Development Proposal Threatens £6.5m Levenshulme Facilities

    • Hello Mike,

      Yes. The new facilities are due to open in Spring 2015. Consultation is ongoing with various community groups to get input to the development and an outline plan and design is in development at the moment. When this is available there will be another public meeting to get feedback.

      The council have been very responsive to input from Levenshulme residents to ensure the new facilities meet our needs including the needs of the existing users of the current pools. So there will be two swimming pools with one that can be used privately. The gym will be much extended and improved with 60 fitness stations as well as a separate fitness room for fitness classes that will be multipurpose so it can be used as a community space as well. We will get a brand new 300m2 library as well.

      The new facilities will be located on Stockport Road where the Arcadia Sports Hall is now. Existing users of the sports hall – Arcadia Roller Hockey and Roller Derby – will relocate to the sports hall on Mount Road a few minutes walk away from the current site and that facility will be extended and adapted to meet their needs.

      The total budget for all of this is £6.5m and has already been committed by the council from capital reserves so the funding is absolutely secure. This WILL happen and it will be a marvellous boost to Levenshulme.

      Remember that in the meantime because of the fantastic campaigning of Levenshulme people our existing Baths, Gym and Library will stay open until the new facilities open.



      Jeremy Hoad (LCA Secretary)

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