Levenshulme High School and Library Developments

Newspaper reports today confirm the suspension of Amanda Thain (Head, Levenshulme High Schools for Girls) by the Governing Body of the school. This follows an Ofsted inspection earlier this year which resulted in the appointment of Patsy Kane (Head, Whalley Range High School) as Executive Head at the school.

There is concern at what impact this will have on plans for Levenshulme Library and LHS taking on the building, running the library and developing a school facility for pupils until the new library opens in 2015. To date no work has been undertaken regarding the conversion of the library for use by the school.

Assurances had been provided by Cllr Rosa Battle (Executive Member for Culture and Leisure) that the plans for Levenshulme Library were unaffected following the appointment of Patsy Kane as Executive Head at LHS after an Ofsted inspection and report in July.

Jeremy Hoad (Levenshulme Community Association Secretary and Chair of the Friends’ of Levenshulme Library) said: “It is not wise to jump to conclusions based on newspaper reports but it is wise to determine progress on the Library plans and ongoing commitment to these plans in light of the different circumstances at the school now. I am attempting to clarify the situation with Neil MacInness (Head of Libraries), Rosa Battle and Levenshulme and Gorton South Councillors.”

Further updates will be provided as the situation becomes clearer.

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