Levenshulme Festival 2013

The Levenshulme Festival 2013 will run from Friday 25th October to Sunday 10th November 2013.

There are too many fantastic events to list here so why not pop over to the Festival website or have a flick through the brochure online HERE.

You can also follow the festival via Twitter or on Facebook.

Thanks to everyone involved for keeping the festival alive and vibrant in these challenging times and in particular to Lawrence Hennigan (President of the Festival) for his continued leadership and inspiration.

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Levenshulme Hallowe’en Spooktacular!

Don’t lose your head – come along to the Levenshulme Hallowe’en Spooktacular on Thursday 31st October. Part of Levenshulme Festival 2013.

Highfield Country Park (Cringle Park entrance from 17.30)
17.30 Grim Reaper Sound System
18.00 Spooky Storytelling
18.15 Zombie Flashmob
18.30 Haunted Walk through the Woods
Levenshulme Scout Hut (Lloyd Road from 19.00)
Hallowe’en Disco
Ghastly Food
Fancy Dress Competition

hallowe'en spooktacular 2013

Sorry for being offline

Sorry for the website being unavailable. We are back up and running now.

New library scheme for entrepreneurs and residents

The new programme of support will be put in place after Arts Council England approved a joint bid by Greater Manchester’s ten authorities for £45,000 of funding.

Under the Start Up Engines project, which will be managed by Manchester City Council, enterprising residents will be able to access a wide range of information through a virtual ‘Flatpack’, which will offer all the help a prospective businessperson could need to turn their ideas into reality – including how-to guides, strategy ideas, free web tools and apps.

Residents will also be offered the chance to use their libraries to meet up and exchange ideas, either by using available meeting spaces or virtually, through the creation of online enterprise communities.

A programme of 50 events is planned, which will bring top business brains to Greater Manchester to act as role models for the next generation, as well as offering practical help on the nuts and bolts of getting your business off the ground.

Read the full announcement HERE


Inspire Awards 2013

The Inspire Awards are back!

Nominations are open until Monday 11th November before a judging panel will meet to decide this year’s winners.

Anybody can nominate a person of any age or background, who lives or works within the ward boundaries of Levenshulme or South Gorton, in one of the following categories:

Volunteering – a person who has made a special contribution to the community on a voluntary basis over a significant period of time or at some personal cost.

Achiever – a person who has done something remarkable, not necessarily the biggest or the best, but something that many people would have doubted could be possible.

Courage – a person who has shown particular courage in the face of danger or adversity.

Inspiration – a person who has turned their life around or undergone some kind of transformation that will encourage others that they too can make a significant change.

Carer – a person who has gone the extra mile to care for another person and done so with love, humility and respect.

Enterprise – a person who has taken a risk or embarked on a new venture that has led to wider social or economic benefits in the community.

All nominations must be received by 6pm on Monday 11th November 2013

Tickets for the main event are available from the Inspire Box office on 0161 850 5717.

For more information or to fill out a nominations form click HERE or drop by Inspire on Stockport Road in Levenshulme.

inspire awards 2013

Incredible Edible Levenshulme Seed Bombing Event

Fancy joining us on a walk around Levy to seed bomb a few vacant patches of land? With a bit of luck they’ll be blooming with herbs and flowers next year. Guerilla gardening is all about turning unloved places into beautiful growing spaces, a perfect fit with our Incredible Edible aims! By growing flowers, particularly wildflowers, we’ll create much needed food for bees and do our bit to help stop the decline in bee populations.

Generously donated by Bud Garden Centre, we have Wild Thyme and Poppy kabloom seedboms to detonate and watch our targets bloom into bee friendly, flower-filled spaces.

We’d love as many people as possible to nominate an unloved patch of ground for a seed bomb. Please email (incredibleediblelevy@gmail.com) back a suggestion for a target or add your suggestion on the facebook page. We don’t need access to sites as seed bombs can be thrown over fences!

incredible edible levenshulme seed bombing flyer oct13

Growing Levenshulme is now Incredible Edible Levenshulme

How  did that happen?!

In March 2011 a small group of people met up to think about how we could add some green  dimension to the rather drab high street and plant stuff so that we could brighten things up and show how important it is to have access to local food. Continue reading

Levenshulme Library Children’s Book Swap

Soon to be announced –  the launch of Levensulme Library’s first children’s book swap! So keep your eyes open for information and dates over the next couple of weeks.

Also if anyone is interested in helping out on the day e.g. with supervising children then please get in touch. It would be greatly appreciated, as this event will be run and supported by volunteers, and sponsors, and can only continue if we have enough volunteers on the day. Events like this are keeping the library alive, and if succesful, will help the library access funding for ongoing future events!

If you are interested the please get in touch with Chloe Amponsah via the Levenshulme Locals Book Fair facebook page HERE.

levenshulme library childrens' book swap

Collect MEN tokens for the lovelevy woodland play area

Lara Moore and the lovelevy group have been successful their application to enter the MEN wish campaign for this year.

The competition allows the group to apply for a portion of £25,000 to help towards the funding of a woodland play area on the quadrants. The Quadrants is the new area around the entrance to the Fallowfield Loop by the old Levenshulme railway station where the community orchard is located.

The competition works by collecting tokens everyday in the MEN from Oct 2nd to November 30th. The more tokens collected, the more money the love levy project gets. There will be a collection box at the Inspire centre to drop off your tokens.

So get collecting. More tokens = more money for Levenshulme.

MEN Wish Awards 2013