Baths Protest

Closing the Baths and Library?

We protest proposal to close community buildings in Levenshulme.

The Levenshulme Community Association is surprised that a previous promise to keep Levenshulme Baths open until a new centre is ready appears to have been totally abandoned in response to Government cuts to Manchester’s Rate Support grant. It seems to be symbolic of defeat! The Community Association wishes to protest about this precipitous decision.  Local people want to be involved.  We will seek an amendment to the budget recommendations, which have not yet been signed off.

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Reclaim the Night 21st Feb 2012


This will be a huge parade through the centre of Manchester to celebrate the right of all women – and men – to walk about on the street without feeling afraid.

The march starts at Owens’ Park, Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield at 7pm and a neon parade will head down Wilmslow Road towards Manchester Students’ Union. The evening continues with the Reclaim the Night After Party, a festival of the finest women talent, with live comedy and music, arts & crafts, fun activities, community stalls & awesome DJs till late – at Manchester Students’ Union from 9pm.

Contact Tabz O’Brien-Butcher, Manchester University Students’ Union Womens Officer using the form below. She is looking for groups who want to help and do some creative work with university students. Is  banner-making up your street?